El Rio Reyes Conservation Trust (El Rio Reyes) use agricultural conservation easements to permanently protect privately owned farm and ranch land along the Kings River. Conservation easements are a voluntary agreement between a land owner and an approved land trust, such as El Rio Reyes, to never develop the land or convert the land from its agricultural uses now or in the future – forever protecting the agricultural and scenic beauty for future generations. Please visit our Easement Basics page to learn more.


El Rio Reyes’ main service area is the Kings River watershed.


The Trust works closely with landowners and other interested parties and stakeholders, and with government agencies to conserve the Kings River landscape.  Along with its own resources, El Río Reyes Conservation Trust draws on the expertise of other conservation organizations and other individuals to assist it in the furtherance of its mission.


Our Core Business Values:

 - Act in accordance with the highest standards for land trusts;

 - Uncompromising ethics with regard to protection and conservation of the Kings River

 - Hold our relationship with land owners and their trust in us to assist them in conserving their property in the highest regard;

 - Always working to expand our resources to grow our capacity to fulfill our mission.