Going the (Social) Distance Together, (Apart)



"Virtual" Bob Frisch Memorial Ride/Walk/Hike/Bike/Row/Float


Thank you to Plantinum Sponsor:

10% of proceeds go to support Creek Fire Relief



This year the pandemic has forced us all to make tough choices. El Rio Reyes had to make the difficult choice to move our annual Bob Frisch Memorial Ride into a virtual format, because well… we can’t take the risk of you getting sick on our account!

This year your donations will go not only to protect farm, ranch and river lands but also to support the Creek Fire relief effort - 10% of all proceeds will be donated directly to those affected by these devastating fires - both people and animals.


While virtual, our event can still be really fun, help conserve local lands, and help those who are needing it most right now. While we cannot get together under the El Rio banner – you can get together with your own small, close circle and ride, walk, hike, bike, row, or float on our behalf. We’re calling it “Going the (Social) Distance Together, (Apart)”!


During the month of October every mile you go can make a difference! We are asking you to head out on the trial on horseback, your own two feet, in the water, or on a bike and make a gift to support El Rio Reyes mission and the Creek Fire relief effort with every mile or trip you go.


Let’s say you go five miles on a trail ride and you commit to $5 per mile, that is a $25 gift to El Rio. Let’s say you do it with 5 of your besties, that’s $125 for protecting local lands! Or maybe you and your family take an evening walk around the neighborhood or on a local trail and you cover 2 miles with your pledge of $25 per mile – that’s a $50 gift - you get it. 

You choose the location, the gift amount, the date/time, and the friends you bring (socially distanced) along! It’s all on the honor system – so you keep track of your miles and gift amounts and you send the donation on your terms – through our secure online terminal!


Get creative – ask your local friends and family or even those far away to join in! It’s a great way to get out of your ‘quarantine-house’ and get some fresh air while supporting a great cause. Or just get together with your friends outside and pass the hat around – that works too! Don’t want or track miles or group activities – just make a gift during October to support El Rio Reyes.


El Rio Reyes’ mission is to safeguard the farms, ranches and river lands surrounding the Kings River for future generations, this includes those lands above the river region that are being devastated by fires. We are your local land trust, a non-profit set up to work with landowners to protect the open, working and natural places you love. Help us protect this beautiful landscape that grows our food and nurtures our souls with its wildness by joining us – let’s go the (social) distance together!


Throughout October we will be posting about what we are doing as board and staff to support El Rio Reyes mission & the Creek Fire relief effort on Facebook – we hope you will too!


Need more incentive than protecting your local open and working landscapes and community members…You can also win 2  free tickets to the 2021 Bob Frisch Memorial Ride and Walk!

Prizes will be given for:

The Longest Ride

The Longest Walk, etc.

The Largest Donation made to El Rio

**to be eligible to win: must like us on facebook, make a post about your ride/walk/support on our facebook page, and must have made a financial gift to El Rio during October 2020

Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and join our Email list so you will be the first to see updates from us!

For more information or questions regarding this event, please contact Kent Kinney at k.kinney@elrioreyestrust.org or at (559) 355-7983.


This memorial event benefits El Rio Reyes Conservation Trust
and the Creek Fire relief effort

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