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We are losing 50,000+ acres every year

What comes to mind when you think about home? Is it comfort, familiar things? Maybe it is the satisfaction of knowing it, like an old friend. Or possibly you love sharing home with your children or grandchildren.

Home to us, at El Rio Reyes, is many of these things. To us it looks like farms, ranches, and places where we have made memories, our livelihood, and raised families, made friends.

Did you know that every year in California we pave over 50,000+ acres of farmland every year. Fresno County is not excluded from this impact. Drive around for a short while and you can see it.

Here along the river we have a spectacular but tenuous balance between people, food production, and nature. Part of fulfilling our mission at El Rio Reyes is to work with landowners who want to keep their land an integral part of this special equation. Our job is to make available to them the tools and partnerships they need to continue doing what they are doing, forever.

Farmland provides rich bounty, jobs, and a way of life. Our natural river environment provides rich resources, respite, and a way of life.

When you make a gift to El Rio Reyes you are investing in our work to provide landowners a tried and true tool that allows their land to be forever open and productive – providing what it always has to us all – the life and lifestyle we all love.

Have you seen the stickers or do you follow them on Facebook – My Job Depends on Ag? We want to take that a step further because we know that Ag Depends on Land. Land that without protection can easily be paved over and will never recover.

By next summer El Rio Reyes will have 80 acres of rich lands protected from development. Peace of mind for the landowners and peace of mind for us – that home will look like, be like, and do what it always has for us.

It’s your contributions to our work and your continued support has gotten us this far – 80 acres! But our work is far from over, we need your help to work with our growing list of farmers and ranchers who want to protect their lands for their families and our future generations.

Please join us today – make a gift that will outlast us all – to protect the lands that are our home. GIVE HERE

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