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We’ve been busy since 1999


El Rio Reyes Conservation Trust members are often asked the question, “What has the organization done?”  It isn’t surprising that many people are unaware of the activities that have been undertaken by the organization since it’s formation in February of 1999.  During the fourteen year history of El Rio Reyes Conservation Trust it has concentrated on the challenging work of guiding land use decisions and establishing its authority to hold conservation easement along the Kings River. 


Only a limited number of activities have been well publicized, but the impact this group has already had on the Kings River will help to safeguard biological and cultural resources far into the future.  Although it is advantageous to maintain a high degree of public recognition to build membership and to stimulate needed financial contributions, the daily activities of a land trust don’t often spark a great deal of publicity.


In order to remind our area residents of the activities this organization has accomplished a brief summary has been compiled and can be dowloaded here.