1. Landowner submits completed Project Application to El Rio Reyes.

2. Conservation Committee reviews Project Applications monthly. Projects are reviewed
against El Rio Reyes’ criteria and conservation plan.

a. Projects approved by Conservation Committee are recommended to the El Rio Reyes  Board on several priority (Tier) levels (go to Step 3).
b. Projects that meet most of El Rio Reyes’ criteria but do not qualify as a priority tier are put on hold for further evaluation, change in funding environment, or to seek partnership with another land trust.
c. Projects that do not meet El Rio Reyes’ criteria – staff notifies landowner(s).
d. More information needed – staff follows up with landowner(s) and project is reviewed at future Conservation Committee meeting.

3. Board reviews applications approved by the Conservation Committee.

a. El Rio Reyes’ projects – board will select based on likelihood of funding (go to Step 4). Staff requests exclusive agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Landowner advised to obtain own legal/financial counsel.
b. Partnership projects – board will prioritize projects and contact potential partner(s).
Staff requests exclusive agreement. Landowner advised to obtain own legal/financial counsel.
c. Mitigation projects – board will approve pending meeting with landowner if application filed by developer. Staff requests $5000 from developer. Landowner advised to obtain own legal/financial counsel.


Dowload our Transaction Process document to learn about the entire process.


(c) El Rio Reyes Conservation Trust 2015