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On September 29, 2014 an esteemed delegation came to the Sanger Riverbottom area to dialogue with the community and stakeholders about establishment of the World Heritage Animal Genetic Repository Veterinary Institute ( WHAGR VI) in the Kings River bottom area. WHAGR VI brings potential new jobs, economic advancement, agricultural veterinary science and genomic industry to the area.


Community leaders, residents, ag-industry professionals, students and others joined us in welcoming these speakers who represent conservation farming, researchers, veterinary science, medicine, world economy and food security. The presenters spoke to guests for nearly two hours with a dynamic, synergistic and insightful program:

“ A biodiverse world is not a hungry world”


Each speaker had their unique and diverse perspective on how agricultural biodiversity impacts each and every person around the world. They shared how biodiversity is an extraordinary gift that binds humanity and is relied upon for our very survival.

With support from private donors, El Rio Reyes Conservation Trust, the Fresno Economic Development Corporation and Reedley College Agriculture and Natural Resources Department, the Birchwood Conservancy brought their World Heritage Animal Genetic Repository initiative to the Sanger River region through this special event.


For an overview of the WHAGR VI Iniative click here.

Featured Speakers:


Dr. Jerry Taylor: Acclaimed Geneticist will share how biodiversity conservation of Agricultural resources impact commercial breeders and industry to help feed the world.


Lucinda Christian: Conservationist, Farmer, and founder of the WHAGR VI Global Biodiversity Conservation Initiative will share the state of the world’s animal genetic resources and conservation solutions.


Dr. Dirk Vanderwall: World renowned Veterinarian and expert on cloning will  explore the insights of how Animal genetic resources and their conservation will shape the future of Veterinary medicine and beyond.


Dr. Mike Reed: International Agricultural Economist will connect how humanity has relied on these resources to build our world economy and what it means to all of world food security to lose them.

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